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What is the secret to keeping the house clean and tidy on a regular basis?
Of course we are not talking about hard work!
You do not need to slog hard to keep your home beautiful and shiny. All it takes is small tiny
acts that can be done on a consistent basis. Therefore, we have put together 5 simple things you
can do to make sure your house is cleaner than ever! You can do these any time of the day or
night and you can also incorporate these as house hold chores for your children.

1. Mop the floor every day:
Moping the floor every day is a very good habit. Its cardio for the body! In all seriousness it also
makes your house look brighter and reduces the chances of unwanted dirt in each corner of the
floor. Swab the floor regularly helps to remove all germs and viruses from your house so that
your kids are not exposed to unwanted harmful germs.

2. Organize shoes in a rack:
Beautifully arranged shoes in the closet are another thing that keeps the house clean and
organized. Instead of scattered shoes everywhere make sure they are organized beautifully in the
shoe rack. How?

Shoe Rack

Collect loose shoes first. Now place a pair of shoes across each person through the front door for
regular use and place each other’s pairs on the shoe rack. However, in this case, the shoes must
be kept clean too. You can make this a timed activity and ensure that the kids help out in it where
they will be able to beat their Personal Record. More ice cream for them as desserts. They
deserve it.

3. Clean the table after the meal:
Does your dining table, after breakfast, lunch, or dinner look like a hurricane passed through it
with food and cutlery everywhere? So to keep it clean you need to wipe it thoroughly with a
sanitary towel after every meal. Make sure the chairs are fixed in the same place beside the table.

Remember the wise old saying, the family that eats together, stays together. Well the family that
cleans together after eating together – stays healthy together!

4. Laundry corner:
Have a basket where dirty laundry can be kept so that used clothes aren’t scattered in the rooms.
This will ensure your teenager’s room actually resembles a room and not the Amazon forest. It is
very common for teens to pile up their clothes in a corner of the room. Instead of doing that if a
laundry corner is marked, all clothes can go there and the room looks beautiful and spacious.

5. Dispose of the garbage bag:
Trash that has been thrown in the garbage bag all day should be taken out of and discarded on a
daily basis. The garbage bag is not part of your family. Do not let it overstay! Another activity
that can be given as chores for the kids.

6. Bonus!
Hire Katura Cleaning Services. Yes you can and should do the above five points but hey we all
deserve a break. We love our customers and strive to be the best cleaning services in the Belton
and Salado area. Call us for an estimate and watch us work our magic.

The Belton and Salado area features hot and humid summers. One way to stay fresh and chirpy is
to have a clean household. You should add these things to your daily to-do list and watch how
your mood and happiness elevates. As a result, your house will be neat and clean and you and
your family will remain safe and healthy.