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The world is going through a very difficult situation and our way of living has changed due to Covid-19. However taking the right steps will help us to adjust to this new normal quickly, while ensuring our loved ones are taken care of.

Proper cleanliness and hygiene is the priority. Now we need to stay aware and take extra precautions while cleaning our homes. You may be wondering, how are we providing our cleaning service at this critical time?  We at Katura Cleaning Services would love to share our side of the story and the way we take care of every member of the Katura Cleaning Services team!

Here is a checklist of what gets done behind the scenes.

  1. Check the temperature: Our experienced technicians consciously take their temperature every day before starting work. If the temperature of any team member is above 99.4, they are asked to stay home. 
  2. Use hand sanitation: Personal hygiene matters. To ensure your safety our technicians sanitize their hands before entering your home and keep gloves on during working hours.
  3. Stay Home Policy: We ask our technicians to stay home, if they have any Covid-19 symptoms. We provide sick leave for them to ensure that they can take proper rest and get well soon.

Why you should hire Katura Cleaning Services at such a time

  1.  A clean house is a safe house. Get rid of germs and stay healthy by ensuring that you have had professionals take care of the job for you. We will first clean and disinfect your house and then use our disinfectant fogger to ensure that your house is completely clean and pathogens have been destroyed.
  2. You can take a break: If you are feeling anxious or unsure, we advise you to take a break from your cleansing. We will always be here while you put your feet up and relax. Mental health is of prime importance and you deserve to take a break after the sort of year we had so far.

We are always prepared to help you stay healthy and live a clean and safe life. Our customer’s satisfaction and smile is what brings a smile to our own faces. Call us today and you will know you have made the right decision and hired the best cleaning service provider in Belton and Salado area.