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Throughout the years of working in the cleaning industry, we often hear a lot of talk regarding which cleaning company to hire in Salado? Or how do I choose the best cleaning company that fulfills all my needs without leaving a hole in my pocket?

You might require a cleaning service on a one-time basis, for example, for spring cleaning, or you might want something on a more regular basis. There are a few things that you should know before you make your final choice.

If you are plan to bring someone who is not part of any cleaning service company, just because it is cheaper, it is a risky idea. A cleaning service company is required as its safe and reliable. Cleaning services can tend to seem expensive, but believe us when we say that it is so beneficial to get cleaning help from a professional company. Yes it’s important to be humble, but in all honesty, we are masters at it and love to excel at our craft. 

Listed below are eight things you should be considering when searching for a cleaning service company to hire:


Asking friends and family regarding who they hire will give you more information about the company than the company’s website itself. A referral will show you a more precise and more accurate image of the company. When we want to find out about a product or a service, we begin by asking our friends on social media. It can be really helpful. 

Online reviews

Online reviews are different from referrals because usually, people who aren’t satisfied with the service are tempted to write reviews than those who are happy and satisfied. And not to forget that quite often people want to write reviews as an opportunity to vent or damage the name of the company. However do take these with a pinch of salt as companies with a perfect score tend to pay clients to write reviews for them, thus gaining a perfect score. Companies that have consistently high scores are the ones that you ought to be looking for. 

Bonding, Insurance and Worker’s Compensation

Before hiring, go through the company’s policies regarding insurance. This will tell you whether the company covers the costs if some damage is done to your home and theft? Cleaning companies that have this coverage tend to have higher rates per hour/job. But we think that when you hire someone from the outside to come to your home, this guarantee is essential. 

Experience, Affiliations & Accreditations

Find out how long has the cleaning company been in business? Find out about the company’s accreditations or affiliations with professional organizations? The more accreditation a company has, the more it is trustworthy and reliable.

Type of Service offered

Find out whether the company offers a fixed service or whether they can adapt according to what you want them to do that is, whether you can customize the work. Or whether you can get a combination of both, fixed service as well as customized. Neither option is good or bad. These things depend upon the kind of work you require.


This point means that how far the company is willing to go if you aren’t satisfied with their work? How will they make it right? And how do they deal if something breaks? We at, Katura Cleaning, are highly approachable, super friendly and make effort at ensuring our customers have complete peace of mind once they have chosen Katura cleaning Services. For us, you, the customer, matter the most.

Trustworthy staff matters

It is wise to know about the person actually coming into your house and if they have any references. Someone unknown is coming into your house probably when you aren’t at home, so finding out these things matter. You have to find someone you can trust. The company should be able to provide you with the background information about their staff and also let you know if they have done any criminal checks on their staff. Our staffs are the awesomest group of people you will ever meet. We take a lot of pride in loving each other and loving our customers. 

Cleaning Supplies:

Many companies have their own supplies and tools that they use for cleaning, but often it is you who has to provide them with cleaning supplies. To find this out. Moreover, if they use their own supplies, it should not be that a single mop is being used to clean all houses in Belton! Furthermore, every house has a different level of cleaning required. Some houses have pets, finishes, types of furniture, and so much more. So every house requires different cleaning supplies and types of cleaning work. 

At Katura Cleaning Services, we have always gone the extra mile to keep our customers happy. We hope this list has just made your life easier and you can now call us confidently without hesitation.