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Company Procedures

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Katura Cleaning Services schedules the cleaning crews in advance. Our employees depend on this income to support their families. Please call if you need to cancel or reschedule a visit if possible with at least a 24hr advance notice. If you cancel or reschedule with less than a 24 hour notice we reserve the right to charge you 50% of your cleaning charge. If you are a weekly account and skip 2 or more times in a row there will be an additional charge of 15% of full cost to cover additional time needed to clean. If you are a bi- weekly client or less and skip 1 or more times the same fee applies. If you cancel or skip service often you will receive a warning before you are permanently removed from our schedule and your spot will be given to another client. Acceptable forms of cancelation are, a phone call to the office. You must speak to someone or an email to our office. If our staff arrives at the home and are turned away or unable to gain access to the home, there will be a no access fee of $50.00 applied to you.


We require a credit card on file but not necessary for form of payment. Failure to pay for service before your next appointment is an automatic removal from our schedule. We accept Cash, Check, & Credit Card as payment options. A late payment fee of $20.00 will be assessed after 3 days if an invoice is not paid in full. If a check is returned there will be a $50.00 fee applied to your balance.


Katura Cleaning Services staff is trained to be cautious with your belongings, however, accidents do happen. For this reason, we strongly advise you to put away any delicate, non- replaceable or potentially breakable items prior to our arrival. We do not clean inside cabinets- For example: Curio cabinets/Entertainment centers, cleaners will dust the outside but will not open glass doors and clean inside where valuables/sentimental items may be kept. Unless otherwise specified. If you would like this to be done please contact Katura Cleaning Services management to verify with the owner for this to be done.


We ask that you do not pursue personal contact information from our staff. Our crews are unable to call/Text clients for any reason and or give personal information to clients while employed with Katura Cleaning Services. Employees have signed a non-compete agreement and are unable to do additional jobs on their own either while employed by us or up to 1 year after leaving our company. Soliciting our employees to work for you outside of Katura Cleaning Services is a breach of contract and you will receive a warning and can lead to service termination.

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