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COVID-19 Important Information

Much of this information is also applicable to flu season as well.

Katura Cleaning Services is Taking These Safety Precautions

Temperature Checks: Our technicians have their temperature taken daily before working. Any temperature above 99.4 and they are asked to stay at home.

Hand Sanitation: Our technicians sanitize their hands before entering your home and will wear gloves while inside of your home.

Stay At Home Policy: We ask our techinicians, if they have flu-like symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 to stay home. We provide them with full sick leave help prevent the need to come into work sick.

How You Can Help

What to do if you are sick: If you are sick, we can help disinfect and sanitize your home. We would clean and sanitize your home and then use our disinfectant fogger to ensure your home is thoroughly cleaned and illness-causing pathogens are destroyed. 

Social distance: We ask that you please maintain a 6 feet distance from our technicians to follow CDC guidelines for helping stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Feel Free to Take a Break: If you are feeling worried or unsure, please feel free to take a break from your cleaning. We will be here for you when you are ready.

Covid Precautions

Disinfectant Fog Cleaning Services

Covid-19 Disinfecting Services

Help stop the spread of illness in your community with a COVID-19 disinfectant fog cleaning for your home or office.

Our professional disinfectant foggers are great in the home or office settings. They can help to combat the spread of illness-causing pathogens. Fogging can apply disinfectant to large areas and help to lower the chance germs will spread between people.

Help keep your business up and running in this ‘new normal.’ 

Take back your time with a professional cleaning!