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Window Cleaning


Katura professional window cleaning service will leave all your windows, skylights, and glass panels positively shiny every time.

When the sun is shining, you want to let the light into your home. But if you have dirty windows, you won’t be getting as much light as you should be. We use the latest in water purification technology ensuring your windows get a spot free and streak free shine, and our state of the art carbon fiber extension poles allow us to reach even the toughest windows. When you get your windows professionally cleaned by Katura, your home will love you!

Residential Window Cleaning Services

At Katura, residential window washing is at our core. When you see our friendly, uniformed technicians arrive at your door, you will know your house is going to be well cared for in the hands of highly trained professionals. We know how to treat your windows right, leaving you with clean, crystal clear windows. The best part is, we’ll do it in just one detailed visit.

Why Use a Window Cleaning Service?

Windows aren’t exactly cheap to replace, so you want to make sure you don’t have to do it very often.. So how can you ensure that they stand the test of time? Regular cleaning, of course!

Glass is porous, so over time, any dirt that accumulates will start to break down the surface. The problem gets worse in the winter, but can happen any time of year. The substances that most commonly cause problems are hard minerals, oxidation, acid rain, sea spray, over spray from paint, etc. Keeping your windows clean and clear from contaminants will help them last longer..

Our service takes the hassle out of caring for your windows. Our extension poles mean you don’t have to take the risk of climbing the ladder to get to your hard to reach windows, and our water purification systems ensure they dry spot and streak free. After a visit from us your windows will be so bright you’ll have to wear shades!

The Type of Windows Our Technicians Clean

Our technicians are experienced with all types of windows including single pane, double pane, french pane, skylights, glass panels, solariums, and more. We’ve got the right equipment to clean pretty much every type of window, inside and out. If it’s made of glass, our technicians know how to clean it!

Exterior and Interior Window Cleaning Services

Our technicians are ready, willing, and able to clean both the outside and inside of your windows. Interior window cleaning is the perfect add on to your exterior window service. So, how do we get your windows so clean? We use the tried and true applicator and squeegee method, using water and biodegradable window cleaning solution to make your windows sparkle. We also offer the extra option to wipe down your screens and window frames.

Our technicians will take great care to wash your interior windows by hand without making a mess. We use drop cloths and shoe booties and are happy to help move some of your heavy furniture in order to ensure your windows shine both on the inside and the outside. We’ll always treat your home with care.

Keeping windows of our house clean is very important. We can admire the scene outside while we sip on a hot cup of coffee on a cold day. Cleaning windows also helps keeping the dust and germs away.  Contact residential window cleaning services in Texas and experience the best service ever. Let the light shine through your clean windows and brighten up everything at home.

Your windows will not have any streaks or spots once our professional window cleaning in Texas is done with their job. Call us today for a great deal. We use the famous technology of water purification to ensure that your windows are clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long would your professional cleaners take to clean the windows?

The professional cleaners by Katura Cleaning Services are highly experienced in providing the best window cleaning service in the minimum amount of time. Ideally, we clean your windows in just one visit.

What all will be included in the window cleaning service provided by you?

When you book a window cleaning service by Katura Cleaning Services, the accumulated debris from your windows will be effectively removed. If in case your windows are covered in splatters of paint, stickers, concrete, caulk, stucco or any other sedimental build-up, you need to mention it to us while booking the service and be sure of getting those concerns addressed by our professionals.

How do you charge for window cleaning services?

The charges for the window cleaning services offered by Katura Cleaning Services depends on the number of windows and also the build-up of unwanted material on the window. To get a rough estimate you can contact our representatives directly on the contact details given.

Take back your time with a professional cleaning!